Slogans of China Tibet International Tourism and Culture Expo:
  • 1.Strengthening the frontier region is a key to governing a country, and maintaining stability in Tibet is a prerequisite of strengthening the frontier region
  • 2.To govern Tibet by rule of law, to thrive the region by enriching the people, to develop Tibet with long-term efforts, to pool the people together and cement the foundation of development
  • 3.To enhance the ethnic solidarity, to build a beautiful Tibet
  • 4.To push forward the economic and social development and ensure long-term peace and stability in Tibet
  • 5.To fully construct an important passage of opening to the South Asia
  • 6.Sacred Place on Earth, Heavenly Land in Tibet
  • 7.Warmly Congratulate the Opening of the 2nd China Tibet International Tourism and Culture Expo
  • 8.Welcome to the Chinese National Characteristic Cultural Protection Sites
  • 9.Welcome to the World Important Tourist Destination
  • 10.Welcome to Eco-Friendly Tibet
  • 11.Welcome to prosperous, harmonious, legal, civilized and beautiful socialist new Tibet
  • 12.Open Tibet Welcome You

“Fukang Championships” children’ s go competition

​It is reported that the“ 2015 Fukang Championships” children’ s go competition was held in Lhasa, the capital city of southwest China’s Autonomous Region, on Oct. 8th, 2015. All participants ...

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