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Afforestation helps people get rid of poverty in Qamdo, Tibet

By Megan Source:China Tibet News 2017-04-10


Photo shows that Tsering Wangse, the leader for becoming rich in Xialuoniang Village, Gonjo County, is planting spruce with the masses at young plants nursery base, Qamdo, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region. [Photo/Xinhua]

Recently, as it becomes warmer and warmer in Qamdo, Tibet, the farmer households of Xialuoniang Village, Gonjo County, Qamdo,begin to plant nursery-grown plants outdoors. At present, the total area of young plants nursery base at Xialuoniang Village, Gonjo County is 50 mu (about 3.33 ha). Multiple plants including spruces, nut trees, pomegranate trees as well as apple trees are planted. In recent years, Qamdo has combined the work of returning grain plots to forestry with poverty relief from ecology. In 2016, the service income of 2,313 low income families from 11 counties as well as 44 villages and towns has been increased about RMB 5.12 million yuan.

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