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Qiuduojiang Village of Qusun County: new life of the villagers

By Liu Fang, Tenzin Sydorn Source:China Tiebt News 2020年02月10日 10:27

In winter, grass on the mountains nearby Qiuduojiang Village of Qusun County, Shannan City, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, has turned yellow, and peaks of the mountains have been covered by white snow, but roads and houses in the village are tidy and clean, and the fluttering five-star red flags add much beauty.

"In the past, the village was known for its dirty & messy environment. Hygiene awareness of the villagers was poor, and public environment was neglected." Sonam Dorje, the director of the village committee says.

Talking about the changes of Qiuduojing Village, 55-year-old Sonam Dorje says, "The huge change of the village is all benefitted from the Party and the government's calling on us for carrying out the comprehensive improvement of our living environment." Since the comprehensive improvement being launched, environment around the village has been improved, and villagers' awareness of hygiene and environmental protection has been enhanced.

"On the one hand, it is the fruit of the Party and the government attaching importance; on the other hand, it's the result of villagers' self-revolution." Sonam Dorje says, "Under the care of the Party and the government, 12 villagers become cleaners, each of them gets 3,500 yuan RMB monthly."

Tsering Dondan was from a registered poor household, after becoming a cleaner, his family got out of poverty as expected. "Thinking of this job increasing my income and beautifying our living environment, I do not fell tired at all." He says, "It's hard to do cleaning at first, but it's getting better after fewer and fewer people litter."

After seeing the change of villagers' hygiene practices, the Party branch and the committee of Qiuduojiang Village have accelerated the process of comprehensively improving living environment.

"It's smart to strike while the iron is hot. We carried out a thorough cleaning to our village, and leading fellows to say goodbye to the dirty & messy environment." Sonam Dorje says, "We cleaned for five days and almost every villager participated. The roads around our village, especially the surrounding ditches and hillsides were all cleaned up."

People of Qiuduojiang Village have been used to throwing garbage into rivers or mountains for a long time, thinking that it would be fine as long as the pollution was not coming to their houses. Therefore, in order to help the villagers get rid of these bad habits, Qiuduojiang Village carried out "competing sanitation by scoring" activity.

The winner of this week is Tsering Dekyi's family, living in a two-story house with a yard. "Nowadays, every family in our village is clean and well-ordered. I'll be embarrassed to invite guests in if I don't clean up my house." Speaking of the change of the village, Tsering Dekyi keeps saying that without the comprehensive improvement of living environment, the village would not realize such a big change.

When it comes to the development planning of the village, Sonam Dorje confidently says, "Next step, we will further deepen the comprehensive improvement, lead villager fellows to build a better hometown while consolidating the achievements. Our village will become more beautiful to show every visitor a wonderful place in the depth of high plateau."

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