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All counties (districts) in Tibet shake off poverty

By Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2020年01月03日 09:59


Photo shows students from Lhasa No. 1 Primary School posing for a photo at the Potala Palace Square. [China Tibet News/Tenzin Xidan]

On December 23, the Poverty Alleviation Headquarters of Tibet Autonomous Region issued a notice: on December 9, 2019, studied and approved by the People's Government of Tibet Autonomous Region, a total of 19 counties (districts) inclulding Xigaze City's Xaitongmoin County, Gyangze County, Sa'gya County, Saga County, Lhaze County, and Namling County, Qamdo City's Baxoi County, Zogang County, Markam County, Gonjo County, and Chagyab County, Nagqu Citys Seni District, Baqen County, Nyima County, Shuanghu County, and Xainza County, as well as Ngari Prefecture's Coqen County, Gerze County, and Gerze County, had been lifted out of poverty.


Photo shows villagers of Qupu Village, Quxu County, Lhasa City, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, singing and dancing in their new house. [China Tibet News/Tsewang, Li Zhou]

This marks that all counties (districts) in Tibet have lifted themselves out of poverty, which is a milestone in the history of poverty alleviation in Tibet, and lays a solid foundation for building a moderately prosperous society in all respects together with the rest of the country as scheduled.


Photo shows villagers from No. 2 Village of Zharen Town, Amdo County, Nagqu City, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, holding hada to celebrate the whole village's being lifted out of poverty. [China Tibet News/Li Zhou]


Since the beginning of the battle against poverty, the Party committee of Tibet Autonomous Region has resolutely implemented decisions and arrangements of the Party Central Committee,  improved the wellbeing of the people of all ethnic groups, consolidated ethnic unity, focused on quality development and long-term stable poverty alleviation, and aimed at the target of "two no worries and three guarantees" (The "two no worries" refer to achieving the goal of poverty alleviation so that those who have been living in poverty no longer have to worry about food and clothing. The "three guarantees" refer to achieving the goal of guaranteeing compulsory education, basic medical treatment and housing security.). Through the efforts of cadres and the masses of all ethnic groups throughout the region, in 2016, 5 poverty-stricken counties and districts in Tibet took the lead in lifting themselves out of poverty. In 2017, 25 counties and districts lifted themselves out of poverty. In 2018, another 25 counties and districts were lifted out of poverty. In 2019, the last 19 counties and districts were lifted out of poverty.

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