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Good policies bring Chuni villagers happy lives

By Liu Fang, Zhu Nan Source:China Tibet News 2019年12月02日 10:24

As an important town along the Yunnan-Tibet thoroughfare, Cawarong Town of Zayu County, Nyingchi City, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, is located at the northwestern foot of Mt. Minling, adjacent to Deqin County and Gongshan County of Yunnan Province. In old time, it has been isolated for a long time due to backward traffic. Chuni Village of Cawarong Town, especially, was just like a secluded island, with its deep valleys, steep mountains and complex geology, villagers got in and out by walking on a narrow, bumpy and winding path, climbing rocks, crossing a suspension bridge or aslip rope, sometimes even crawling.

43-year-old Tsering Drakpa's ancestors lived in Chuni Village. When he was 7 years old, he went out for the first time to buy supplies in Chani County, and crossed a slip rope. "Every round trip was a risk of life and death. Sometimes only one person could pass through the cliff." Tsering Drakpa says, "I had seen a companion fall into the fast-flowing river because a slip rope broke."

"In the past, there were few decent clothes all year round, and many supplies were in short supply." Tsering Drakpa says, "Nowadays, with well-developed transportation and available network, I buy a lot of things online on Nov. 11, the 'Double 11 Shopping Festival'."

Nowadays, with the help of the Party and the state's preferential policies, Chuni Village's per capita disposable income has maintained an annual growth rate of over 16% through scientific farming and animal husbandry, collection of under-forest resources and labor transfer, with a total deposit exceeding 100,000 yuan RMB per household.

The improvement of local villagers' living standard is inseparable from the improvement of traffic conditions. In 2016, constructions of road in Geru area and Chuni Bridge on Nujiang River began. The road from Geru Village to Chuni Village was only 12.5 km long, but received a total government investment of more than 28.94 million yuan RMB. Now, the bridge has been opened to traffic, and the road has been significantly improved, which have lifted local people out of backward traffic.

In recent years, cadres of village party branch and village committee as well as village task force of Tibet Agriculture and Animal Husbandry University put forward the idea of "improving weak links and promoting development", and set up Nujiang Featured Agricultural and Sideline Products Co., Ltd. in Cawarong Town to mass produce cactus fruit wine and wild walnut oil refining, as well as further expand breeding scale of cattle, sheep and horses on local natural alpine pasture.

Lately, the village has signed a consignment agreement with relevant companies in Chengdu, aiming at gradually expanding planting scale of Tunisian soft-seeded pomegranate and incubating an industry. This year, the village's corn, highland barley and other crops have had a good harvest, too.

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