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An entrepreneurship story of Penpa Tsering

By Liu Fang, Zhu Shan Source:China Tibet News 2019年11月07日 11:41


Photo shows Penpa Tsering and his adoptive father Nyima Tsering.

28-year-old Penpa Tsering is a disabled man who runs a new energy company in Changlo Kangsa Community of Sangzhutse District, Xigaze City, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region. His working experience is just an inspiring story that moves many people.

Penpa Tsering's parents passed away when he was three years old. Since then, he lived with his sister. In 2009, thanks to the help from the Changlo Kangsa Community and other warm-hearted people, Penpa Tsering went to Xigaze's Norphel Child Welfare Institute during his middle school years. Years later, with his adoptive father Nyima Tsering's training and encouragement, Penpa Tsering went to Nyingchi Vocational School and Tibet Vocational & Technical College. For his utstanding academic performance, he won many awards during his school days.

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Photo shows Penpa Tsering working at his office.

After graduation in 2017, Penpa Tsering went back to his hometown -- Xigaze, and opened Tibet Xige Sazhu Agricultural Products Co., Ltd.. On the second Mt. Qomolangma Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, he won the "Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Excellence Award" and became an example for undergraduate startups in Xigaze.

He had met a number of obstacles on his way to success. At the beginning, for the lack of experience and knowledge, he faced different problems every day. He usually asked himself why choosing this hard way. When this thought occurred to him, he usually reflected on himself and encouraged himself to go ahead. He asked experienced person, practiced business, kept learning the knowledge of management and actively participated in various management trainings.

With his perseverance, Penpa Tsering overcame those obstacles and achieved success in his business. In 2017, his adoptive father Nyima Tsering invited him to join Tibet Jingxiang New Engergy Development Co., Ltd.. For his excellent management and advanced promotion, Penpa Tsering was selected as the company's general manager. In the same year, the company was settled in Mt. Qomolangma Hackerspace in Xigaze.  

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Photo shows Penpa Tsering publicizing the CPC's policies in rural area.

Compared with traditional coal, the new energy firewood produced by Tibet Jingxiang New Engergy Development Company is smokeless, high-efficient and environmental friendly. As China now strengthens environmental protection, people's living standard improves a lot, they pay more attention to environmental protection and reselect the fuel for daily use. According to Penpa Tsering, their new products are popular among customers and in short supply in Xigaze's market.

With the care from the Communist Party of China (CPC) and the government, their business goes well and is planned to expand to remote areas. Their first strategic area is decided to be Nagqu. They will set up sales points there, to benefit more farmers and herdsmen.

Starting own business also changed Penpa Tsering's life. He began to embark on public welfare activities. Influenced by his adoptive father Nyima Tsering who has been awarded the title of national moral model and been devoting himself to public welfare undertakings, he has his own views on doing public welfare activities. He thinks that the value of one's life cannot be measured by the properties one owns, but depends on how many he gives to others. He has been to over ten counties of Xigaze and Ngari for publicizing the CPC's policies and knowledge of poverty alleviation, winning praise from farmers and herdsmen.

Penpa Tsering who has received care from the public, now pays back the society. His inspiring story encourages more young people to pursue their own dreams.

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