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Laiyi, a well-off village in Tibet

By Liu Fang, Zhu Shan Source:China Tibet News 2019年10月31日 18:25

On Sep. 20th, the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China and the ceremony for Laiyi Village's relocation were held in Laiyi Village, located in Kyimtong Town of Nangxian County, Nyingchi of southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region. On the ceremony, local residents were given new houses' keys, real estate certificates and Chinese national flags.


Photo shows art performance on the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China and the ceremony for Laiyi Village's relocation. [China Tibet News/Drakpa Wangchen]

Tsering Lhamo, a villager of Laiyi, is given a beautiful two-storey house equipped with modern living facilities, such as solar water heater and hot water shower in the bathroom, a cupboard and a cooker hood in the kitchen, Tibetan sofas in the living room, as well as a wardrobe in the bedroom. The decoration of her house is the same as that of urban villas look like.

In accordance with the number of family members, Tsering Lhamo's family of fiver gets a 180-suqare-meter house. Standing on the second-floor balcony, one can enjoy the beautiful sight of green mountains and clear waters. To better decorate her new house, she plans to add some pieces of furniture.

"Thanks to the Communist Party of China (CPC) and the government, we are able to live in these beautiful houses. We will work harder to create a better life," says Tsering Lhamo, "my family was an impoverished one in the village in the past. In 2016, I was given five livestock. With the national preferential policies and my own efforts, my family got rid of poverty in 2017. We will work hard towards the well-off life." Now, her son is learning how to drive a car, which is also a way to make money in the future.


Photo shows the beautiful and well-off Laiyi Village. [China Tibet News/Kelzang Norbu]

With an investment of 51.05 million yuan RMB from Huizhou City of Guangdong Province, 56 new houses were built by the 8th batch of Guangdong Aid-Tibet team. "These new houses are built with reinforced-concrete structure. After unified designing and simple decoration, the houses are given to the locals freely. According to the number of family members, thehouseshave three different sizes: 100 squaremeters, 130 squaremeters and 180 squaremeters. Now, the village has access to tap water and Internet. Each household has TV, refrigerators and other modern electric appliances. All these mark the remarkable changes our village has undergone," says Tsepa Chosphel, first secretary of Laiyi Village.

This progress attributes to the support from CPC. Laiyi peoplewill work harder together for a better life.

In order to strengthen the collective economy, Laiyi pooled 318,000 yuan RMB into purchasing 45 cows in 2018, including 15 yaks and 30 cattle-yaks. This project greatly drives the development of local breeding industry. The sales of butter and butter dregs go well. It is expected to bring the impoverished households an increase income of 60,750 yuan RMB in 2019.

The No. 219 national highway from Kaizi of Kyimtong to Sangri is under construction. The Laiyi village cadres thought this opportunity should not be missed. Therefore, they raised 520,000 yuan RMB and bought a truck. They earned back the money only after half a year. With an increasing number of construction projects near the village, 30% of village households have bought tracks that are used to carry cargo, which also spurs the income growth. Some local families have bought vehicles. It is more convenient to go to the county.

The village cadres managed to raise 2.5 million yuan RMB from the local residents and to apply an investment of 2.4 million yuan RMB from the government. With a total of 4.9 million yuan RMB, a hotel was built in the village. This hotel has 36 rooms, half of which are for renting. The rent reached 200,000 yuan RMB after only one year.

In 2018, the per capita annual income of Laiyi Village amounted to more than 15,000 yuan RMB. The living standards had been greatly improved, and the local people's sense of happiness also had enhanced.

77-year-old Padma Chozin, who lives in Laiyi Village, had been a village cadre for almost 50 years. She witnessed the remarkable changes of the village. "This is a big day for us. I had never dreamed of living such a happy life." Speaking of the present happy life, Padma Chozin is filled with emotions. Her new house is now being decorated: the wall is pasted with wallpaper; the ground is paved with wooden floor.

In recent years, Laiyi Village has seen the improvement of the housing conditions. The village will open family inns and homestays to increase the local income. "It is the state that helps us built new houses and pave roads. With these preferential policies, we should work harder," says Losang, secretary of the village's Party branch. Next, they will make efforts to develop collective economy and plan to pour 600,000 yuan RMB into the building of commercial housing in Dongxiong District of Kyimtong Town, accelerating the pace towards the well-off life. 

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