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Qamdo achieved people’s transfer of employment

By Liu Fang, Hu Wen Source:China Tibet News 2019年09月23日 11:07

Recent years, in order to guarantee local employment, Baxoi County, Qamdo City of southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region has innovated employment ways, gradually established and improved the transfer employment system for all workers, and made efforts to promote the transfer of employment in Baxoi County.

Baxoi County selected representatives to carry out employment publicity entering the masses’home, and bring the employment information to the masses as well as help them know relevant information. In addition, the county carried out 112 directional and order-oriented trainings including economic forest planting pruning, national costume processing, Chinese cooking, and loader excavator operation, to enhance working enthusiasm of the registered poor people; 4,082 among 7,848 trainees were employed.

Moreover, through the help of the eighth batch aid-Tibet work team from Fuzhou City of China’s Fujian Province, the county signed a framework agreement for the “Western Artisan Training Program” with Luoyuan County Senior Vocational Middle School in Fujian Province, which could also help to transfer the employment of Baxoi people and improve their employment skills.

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