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Traditional Tibetan food further development

By Zhu Nan, Hu Wen Source:China Tibet News 2019年08月27日 11:47

Shen Bin, formerly known as Shen Jianbing, is the executive vice president and secretary general of the Cooking Meal Restaurant and restaurant industry association of southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region. He learned skills in Shanghai in 1992, came to Tibet in 1997 and made up his mind to start career.

Shen Bin gradually developed a strong interest in Tibetan food culture, began to consult books and visit folk experts and local chefs, and made efforts to learn Tibetan historical culture and traditional cooking skills. He combined with his own skills creating a series of new Tibetan dishes, which made breakthroughs in traditional Tibetan cooking skills. So far, the alliance members have developed nearly 500 kinds of dishes with Tibetan characteristics.

Over these years, thanks to the efforts of Shen Bin and his colleagues, the Tibetan dishes chefs have been constantly expanding, and the overall level has been significantly improved. A Tibetan dishes inheritance system in line with the Tibetan development has been gradually established, benefiting more than 3,000 people.

Shen Bin said that as a cooking staff member, I will teach students cooking knowledge and skills. In addition, I will choose students with more talent and potential in the training and recommend them to Tibetan cooking masters for more comprehensive and in-depth study. At the same time, I also hope that they must love their own industry. Then they can change the concept to improve and innovate the dishes while absorbing cooking experience of traditional Tibetan dishes.

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