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Lhasa helps 471 people get employed

By Liu Fang, Zhu Nan Source:China Tibet News 2019年08月21日 09:54

In the first half of 2019, Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Lhasa City, capital of southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region has set up labor dispatch companies in all counties (districts) to guide farmers and herdsmen to establish a correct concept of getting rich through employment. These labor dispatch agencies of counties (districts) have helped 471 people from agricultural and pastoral areas find jobs, generating a labor income of 2.92 million yuan RMB.

Since this year, Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Lhasa City has set up extensive transfer employment docking platforms for farmers and herdsmen, vigorously developed labor market entities, and improved the organizational level of farmers and herdsmen's transfer employment; it has actively organized county-level and city-level job fairs, too. In the first half of the year, Lhasa City has organized more than 160 enterprises to hold a large-scale city-level job fairs on the transfer employment of labor force in agricultural and pastoral areas, providing over 3,300 jobs and helping 130 people find jobs. Meanwhile the city has organized over 330 enterprises to hold 11 small job fairs, providing more than 4,760 jobs, more than 5,400 people have applied for jobs.

Lhasa City has developed 16,240 jobs (6,530 of which are suitable for farmers and herdsmen) through post information survey, projects docking and working posts developing, and also installed Tibetan-Mandarin bilingual post information boardsin relocation sites across counties (districts), 13 administrative villages as well as 3 towns of Lhunzhub County. In the first half of this year, over 1,500 posts for farmers have been publicized on the information board, including security guard, cleaner, driver, dancer, etc.

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