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Lhagod Tsering's entrepreneurial story

By Liu Fang, Zhu Nan Source:China Tibet News 2019年07月25日 09:51

Lhagod Tsering was born in Jedeshol Town of Gonggar County, Shannan City, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region. When he was 10 years old, a sudden illness left him almost completely paralyzed. After continuous treatment and rehabilitation training, he stood up again, but left hemiplegia of both lower limbs. At the age of 13, he studied craftsmanship in a handicraft making factory.

In 2000, he opened his first handicraft shop with years of savings and money borrowed from relatives and friends. In 2007, he founded the "Jedeshol Town's Ethnic Handicraft Weaving Factory" and set up "Handicraft Technology Training Base for the Disabled" and became the boss himself. In the past six years, the handicraft weaving factory mainly sewed Tibetan costumes, Tibetan boots, house decorations, Tibetan tents, etc. Many kinds of handicraft products made by his factory were deeply popular with consumers.

In 2009, he reconstructed the workshop again, recruited disabled and unemployed people from poor families, and carried out the handicraft training courses for them. He stipulated that free training courses being carried out for poor households and the disabled who studied making handicraft products in his factory; meanwhile, arranged them to engage in handicraft manufacturing, according to their own wills.

At present, there are 30 workers in the factory, including 14 from poor households, 3 party members and 6 disabled people. The monthly salary of them ranges from 2,000 yuan RMB to 2,300 yuan RMB, and they are provided with free accommodation and meals.

In the process of entrepreneurship, he never forgets to care about the disabled people and poor families around him, so that they can learn handicraft skills, and start their own businesses; in addition, he makes donations to orphans and poor students.

In 2015, he has established Jedeshol Handicraft Processing Co., Ltd. At present, he has its own workshop and transportation vehicles. The company's annual net income is nearly 230,000 yuan RMB.

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