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Xigaze: 35,000 farmers and herdsmen achieved transfer employment

By Zhu Nan, Hu Wen Source:China Tibet News 2019年07月19日 12:04

Since the beginning of this year, 35,000 farmers and herdsmen have achieved transfer of employment and generated income of 165 million yuan RMB in Xigaze City of southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region; the export of labor services in the city has remained stable on the whole.

Xigaze City has strived to establish and improve the transfer employment pattern among governments at all levels, construction units, labor dispatching companies, labor cooperatives, village labor brokers. It has guided the establishment of 28 labor dispatching companies, cultivated 1,547 village labor brokers and organized 134 labor cooperatives. In addition, the government has actively created the mode of "labor export team leader + labor broker + labor dispatching company" to step up the transfer employment in each town and village and provide jobs suitable for college students.

Meanwhile, relevant departments of Xigaze City have visited 270 families with employment difficulties and zero employment, registered 288 people among them, helped 126 people achieve employment and 213 people enjoy employment subsidy policy, provided employment guidance for 288 disabled people, and arranged 37 public welfare posts.

Xigaze City will continue to promote the organization of labor employment, build a bridge connecting labor supply and demand, so as to effectively solve the problem of labor supply and demand in enterprises, and make full use of labor resources.

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