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Medical assistance to Tibet promoted continuously

By Zhu Nan Source:China Tibet News 2019年01月04日 09:39

In recent years, Qamdo City, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region has effectively improved the medical services and management level with the medical assistance provinces (cities) aiding Tibet.

Introducing advanced technology

Qamdo City has actively created the good working environment for 53 medical experts in 3 batches, and introduced advanced technologies into the People's Hospital and other units receiving assistance. Up to now, the medical experts have carried out the telemedicine for 256 times, and guided surgeries for 178 times, and 38 critical patients have been successfully cured. Through cooperation with Chongqing, the medical and health technology level of the whole city has been significantly improved.

Increasing capital input

Qamdo City and provinces (cities) aiding Tibet have invested a total of 500 million yuan (about 72.945 million U.S. dollars) to rebuild and expand the People's Hospital, and purchase medical equipment in urgent need. At the same time, Qamdo City has also established the comprehensive remote system for hospitals and departments, so that patients can be treated through the diagnosis and treatment technology of Chongqing's high-level hospitals.

Exchanging the human resources

Qamdo City and other provinces have paid attention to cultivating talents, and actively strengthened mutually beneficial cooperation. In addition, all units aiding Tibet have actively carried out the talent training and assistance. Each hospital has dispatched 112 experts to give academic lectures for more than 100 times, guide surgeries for 178 times, and guide the construction of departments for more than 80 times.

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