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Nagqu vigorously rectify order of agricultural capital goods market

By Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2018-11-05

To strengthen the regulation of agricultural capital goods market, as well as rectify and standardize the market order, Nagqu City cracks down on all kinds of illegal activities, intensifies propaganda, and further enhances the masses' consciousness of rights safeguarding and the operator's sense of integrity.

This year, Nagqu has actively organized the staff to carry out street propaganda, spread law to the countryside, and conducted agricultural laws and regulations and other knowledge publicity. At the same time, farmers and herdsmen are organized to learn the true and false identification methods of fertilizer, pesticide, seed and other agricultural materials, and quality technical services are provided for the spring plowing, effectively safeguarding the legitimate interests of farmers and herdsmen, and creating a good atmosphere for promoting the special management work of combating fake agricultural materials.

At the same time, by combining surprise inspection with regular supervision, the Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Bureau of Nagqu City carries out supervision and inspection of law enforcement for the quality of agricultural products such as grass seed, pesticides, fertilizers and so on. Through strengthening the collaboration with famous enterprises, a coordination mechanism is established to crack down hard on counterfeiting and protect famous products.

Through a series of special anti-counterfeiting work, the normal operation of the agricultural capital goods market is ensured, effectively safeguarding the interests of farmers and herdsmen.

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