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Autumn harvest work of Lhasa smoothly completed

By Source:China Tibet News 2018-11-02

This year, grain production in Lhasa has maintained a good momentum of development. Since late August, the autumn harvest work has successively launched in Tibet. By mid-October, it has been completed smoothly.

In order to ensure a bumper harvest in agricultural production this year, departments of agriculture and animal husbandry in all counties and districts of Lhasa City has actively organized related cadres and technicians to guide the autumn harvest work. The masses are mobilized to gather labor force and farm machinery to harvest ripe crops in time. In addition, subsequent threshing and drying work is done well in case of unnecessary loss. Mechanized operations are popularized to improve labor efficiency.

According to statistics, this year, the total autumn harvest area of grain and oil crops in Lhasa is 483,700 mu, among which there are 102,200 mu of wheat, 307,000 mu of highland barley, 4,400 mu of peas, 1,700 mu of coarse cereals and 68,400 mu of oilseed rape (1 mu ≈0.067 hectare).

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