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Kongpo Gyamda County carries out livelihood projects

By Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2017-12-15

In recent years, Kongpo Gyamda County has paid high attention to the employment issue, which is an important measure to protect and improve people's livelihood. Through implementing preferential policies of employment and entrepreneurship,  reinforcing vocational training, setting up employment platforms, and increasing labor incomes, the benign interaction between economic development and employment is promoted.


Photo shows the recruitment site of Kongpo Gyamda County. [China Tibet News/Pan Lu]

The "Five Guarantees Centralized Nursing and Service Center" is a nursing institution for the aged in Kongpo Gyamda County. After it is put into operation, though there are all kinds of new problems and unique conditions during management, it still strives to create comfortable and relaxed living environment for the aged and tries to meet their various needs such as medical treatment, accommodation, catering, entertainment, cultural activities and so on.


Photo shows the perspective view of the "Five Guarantees Centralized Nursering and Service Center" of Kongpo Gyamda County. [China Tibet News/Pan Lu]

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