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Lhasa takes measures to solve employment problem

By Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2017-02-09

According to the Lhasa Labor Employment Service Administration, in 2016, 16251 people were newly employed in Lhasa, completing 104.8% of the total annual task of 15500 people.

In 2016, by vigorously promoting the standardization construction of grass-roots employment service platform, the Lhasa Human Resources and Social Security Bureau continuously perfected the employment service system. By focusing on serving poor labors, it positively accelerated poverty eradication through employment. In addition, skill trainings were carried out and occupation introduction service work was promoted.

With the progress of urbanization, many employment problems begin to emerge, while posts provided by the market are limited. At present, the most important work is to solve the imbalance between supply and demand.

In terms of the above issue, the Lhasa Labor Employment Service Administration will strengthen the software construction of basic platforms, fully promote the employment service system construction and informatization construction, continuously do a good job of skill appraisal, and positively build the dynamic management service mechanism of mobile workers.

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