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Lhasa to build 24h self-help tax service areas

By Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2017-02-09

According to the State Tax Bureau of Lhasa Municipality, 2016 is the basic year of Lhasa City's tax service standardization construction. The standardization construction of tax service halls, the implemention of various systems and measures for taxpayers, and the respond to taxpayers' tax-related appeals all have made great achievements. In 2017, the  State Tax Bureau of Lhasa Municipality will continue to do a good job of tax service and build 24h self-help tax service areas in Lhasa downtown.

This year, by focusing on taxpayers' demands and hot issues they pay close attention to, the State Tax Bureau of Lhasa Municipality strives to improve tax service status. It tries to add tax service outlets in population densed areas. Besides, 24h self-help tax service areas will be built in Lhasa downtown in due time, which will be convenient for taxpayers to deal with relevant tax-related issues. Apart from that, to further maintain civilized and harmonious relationship between tax levy and payment, tax law propaganda and taxpayer training will be carried out.

In 2017, various rules and regulations will be implemented continuously. Convenience-for-people measures including delay service, reservation service, time-limited service, and alert service will be carried out positively. In addition, it will strengthen the construction of the service team of WeChat public platform, providing convenient and fast consulting and studying channel to taxpayers.

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