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Qiao Tsering: enabling the masses to enjoy a better life

By Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2020年01月10日 16:16


Photo shows Qiao Tsering, a deputy to the People's Congressof Tibet Autonomous Region. [China Tibet News/Shi Jinru, Wang Shan]

Qiao Tsering comes from Seguola Village, Mainri Town, Nyingchi City, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region. From a village Party branch secretary, to the policy speaker, and then to a deputy to the People's Congressof Tibet Autonomous Region, Qiao Tsering leads the villagers to change the poor and backward appearance, and realize the village's prosperity and revitalization, interpreting the original intention and mission of a Communist Party member with practical actions.

In 2013, with the support of the poverty alleviation policy, Seguola Village set up a chicken farm, which brought a lot of benefits to the villagers. Seeing the profits, the villagers' enthusiasm for participating in the collective economy increased, and they successively set up sheep farms and walnut and apple plantations. In recent years, Seguola Village has also developed rural tourism to promote poverty alleviation.

"Through the establishment of cooperatives and the development of the farming and breeding industry, our village has been lifted out of poverty and become the first village in Mainri Town to get rid of poverty. In 2019, the annual per capita income of villagers has reached 25,000 yuan RMB," says Qiao Tsering. While leading the villagers to get rich, he also does not forget to focus on ecological environment construction, and actively leads the villagers to implement sand control afforestation project. Over the past ten years, hundreds of thousands of trees have been planted in Seguola Village, covering an area of about 4,666 hectares.

Today's Seguola Village is clean and tidy with new houses and cement roadsbuilt, and the villagers' faces are filled with happiness.

After being elected as a deputy to the People's Congress of Tibet Autonomous Region, in order to put forward high-quality suggestions and effectively perform the duties, Qiao Tsering participates in relevant inspection, research and inspection activities every year.

Qiao Tsering believes that only through in-depth investigation and research can he find out the difficulties and problems the people need to solve urgently and put forward constructive suggestions. He insists on field surveys to collect and reflect public opinions. At the last meeting, he put forward suggestions on the production and living of farmers and herdsmen. This year, after extensive visits to the masses, he proposes to strengthen the construction of roads and bridges in Nyingchi City.

"I hope that through the meeting, problems of common concern can be solved and people can enjoy more convenient living conditions," says Qiao Tsering. In the next stage, he will carry out exchanges and studies with other deputies to improve his level of deliberation, improve the efficiency of performing his duties and better serve the people.

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