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Deputies and members make meticulous preparations to fulfill their duties

By Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2020年01月08日 09:55


Deputies to the People's Congress of Tibet Autonomous Region from Shannan City are discussing and preparing materials for the meeting. [China Tibet News/Losang, Tsewang]

Over the past few days, deputies to the third session of the 11th People's Congress of Tibet Autonomous Region and members of the third session of the 11th Tibetan People's Political Consultative Conference have arrived in Lhasa, capital of southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, bearing the instructions of the people of all ethnic groups.

In the reception hall of Lhasa Hotel, the residence of deputies to the third session of the 11th People's Congress of Tibet Autonomous Region, hot tea and ginger drinks were placed in an eye-catching position, so that deputies who went to the meeting despite the cold felt warm as soon as they entered the door.

At 10:30 am on April 4, Drolkar, a deputy to the People's Congress of Tibet Autonomous Region from Yumai Village, Yumai Town, Lhunze County, Shannan City, arrived at the registration site of Shannan delegation. She said, "in recent years, with the support from the state and the government of Tibet Autonomous Region, now the health care, housing and other infrastructure in Yumai are greatly improved. However, the snow icing phenomenon of Yaduizhala Mountain and Xuebudala Mountain in winter is severe, which still affects people's travel. I will reflect this problem at the meeting, and hope for further resolution."

"In order to provide better service, relevant departments have been actively working with the Food and Drug Administration of Tibet Autonomous Region and Lhasa Hotel to check and verify the details of the deputies' meals," said Tesping, deputy inspector of the general office of the People's Congress of Tibet Autonomous Region, director of the logistics service center, and deputy head of the meeting affairs group.

At the registration site of InterContinental Lhasa Paradise Hotel, the residence ofmembers of the third session of the 11th Tibetan People's Political Consultative Conference, the staff were busy in an orderly manner in registering, issuing and collecting materials. After registration, the members immediately set out to learn about the meeting arrangements and carefully check the meeting materials.

Namgyal, a member of the Tibetan People's Political Consultative Conference from Yedui Village, Kangsha Town, Lhorong County, Qamdo City, said, "I left the Qamdo Bangda Airport at 12 o'clock today and arrived at the registration office of the hotel at 4 p.m.. I have finished the registration formalities.”

At the registration sites, reporters could always hear deputies and members discussing hot social issues such as economy, education, transportation and medical care. In the next few days, they will earnestly perform the sacred duties, and make suggestions for the long-term development and stability of Tibet.

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