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Preschool education popularized in Pome of Tibet

By Source:China Tibet News 2018年12月12日 17:51

Aiming at further popularizing preschool education, helping preschool children to enjoy high-quality educating environment, and laying a solid foundation for compulsory education throughout Pome County of Nyingchi City in southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, the county has opened 18 fully equipped bilingual (ethnic language and mandarin) kindergartens this year, thus the total number of kindergartens of the county has reached 25. 

In order to ensure adequate teachers in these kindergartens, Pome County Education Bureau and Human Resources & Social Security Bureau have jointly formulated a detailed teacher recruitment scheme. In autumn of 2018, the county has hired 75 persons including transferred teachers and temporary workers, which has basically met the needs of preschool education.

Up to now, all 25 bilingual kindergartens with 1,101 children have been fully put into operation, including 2 in the county, 10 in towns and 13 in villages. [Liu Fang, He Huizhong]

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