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Lhunze County develops cow breeding base to get rich

By Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2020年01月09日 10:09

The Niexiong Cow Breeding Base of Lhunze County is one of the largest plateau ecological cow breeding bases and the most modernized cow farm in Shannan City, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region.

"There are more than 700 cows in the breeding base, which drives 68 people get employed, including 22 registered poor households," Badro, head of the breeding base, says, "this year, the number of cows is expected to reach more than 1,500, and the estimated milk yield canreach 1,900 tons, realizing a revenue of more than 10 million yuan RMB, which can drive more than 200 people to increase their income."

"In order to benefit more people and maximize the benefits of the project, our cows are purchased in the county," says Badro. The first batch of over 400 cows in the base are bought from the local masses at an average price of 10,000 yuan RMB per cow. These cows are not only of good quality, but more importantly, they can increase people's income.

Drolma Chodron, a villager from Zha Village of Ritang Town, says, "I have been crippled since I was a child. Therefore, I can't go out to work. Since working here, I can get a salary of 4,000 yuan RMB a month.”

Forage is the basic premise of accelerating the development of animal husbandry. At present, the cow breeding base has transferred over 200 hectares of wasteland from the masses to plant forage grass, and the rent is more than 26 yuan RMB per hectare per year, which can not only let the masses get benefits, but also save a lot of money.

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