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Employment skills open the door for the poor to get rich

By Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2019年12月31日 10:06

"After attending a training course organized by the county, I learned how to cut hair. Now I have opened two barber shops and lifted my family out of poverty," said Pasang Tsomo proudly, who was from DaglungTown, Nagarze County, Shannan City, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region.

Before, Pasang Tsomo had been herding cattle at home, and her elder brother had gone out to work. The life of the family was not very good.

In 2018, Pasang Tsomo attended a hairdressing skill training organized by Nagarze County. After learning hairdressing skill, she opened a barber shop in DaglungTown, with an annual income of 60,000 yuan RMB. This year, Nagarze County provided her with space and 20,000 yuan RMB in support funds, and Pasang Tsomo opened her second barber shop.

In Nagarze County, like Pasang Tsomo, there are many people who can learn a skill by taking part in vocational training.

In 2018, Tashi, a villager of Sekang Village, Lonpoxue Town, Nagarze County, participated in the vocational skill training organized by the county to learn automobile and motorcycle maintenance and testing technology, and received the national vocational qualification certificate. After returning home, Tashi took out a loan from the bank and opened a car repair shop in Sekang Village. Now he earns nearly ten thousand yuan RMB a month. Tashi said excitedly, "my life is getting more and more better."

The Party committee and government of Nagarze County have always adhered to the people-centered development philosophy, given priority to skills training, entrepreneurship and employment, as well as carried out training on automobile and motorcycle maintenance, hairdressing, chef, Chinese pastry chef, security guard, computer operator and so on, so as to let the poor really master employment skills and make employment skills become "golden keys" that open the door for the poor to get rich.

In addition, NagarzeCounty also provides good entrepreneurial environment for employment and entrepreneurship personnel by providing supportive funds, offering entrepreneurship guidance, giving rental subsidies and water & electricity subsidies, reducing and exempting taxes, and other preferential policies.

Sonam Dorje, a young man born in the 1990s, is the owner of Nagarze County's first start-up company founded by college graduate. After graduating from college, he registered the Yardrok Dorje Agricultural and Livestock Product Development Co., Ltd. by relying on a series of policies from the Party and government to support and encourage college graduates to start their own businesses. "At present, the company has five employees, all of whom are unemployed college graduates from Nagarze County. All of them are willing to work hard for their careers," said Sonam Dorje.

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