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Tsering Wangchuk, a foregoer leading villagers to get rich

By Liu Fang, Zhu Nan Source:China Tibet News 2019年12月05日 09:53

Xialuoniang, a village of Muxie Townin Gonjo County, Qamdo City, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, is far away from its county seat, with poor natural conditions, single channel to get income, as well as relatively backward production and living standards.

As the head of local "double joint household", Tsering Wangchuk always thought about increasing village fellows' income on the bases of local conditions. After seeking the help fromthe Party committee, government and village task force of Xialuoniang Village, he came up with an idea of establishing a seedling cultivation base.

In May 2013, Tsering Wangchuk organized 6 families to establish a seedling cultivation base. He actively encouraged more farmers and herdsmen to participate in cultivating walnut, apple, peach, spruce and other saplings.

At present, the base has more than 13,333 m² of walnut sapling, and 20,000 m² of apple, peach, spruce and other saplings, with a total number of over 1 million seedlings, the base has driven 49 people from 7 households to realize income increase. Since August 2018, the average household income has increased by 20,000 yuan RMB.

Cultivating saplings isn't simple at all. Because of lacking professional knowledge, he has suffered a lot of hardships in walnut planting. Later, under professional technicians' guidance, walnut planting was finally on the right track.

Tsering Wangchuk introduces that, more and more people are willing to participate in the afforestation work under good policies. Afforestation not only increases income, but also beautifies the hometown and protects ecological environment.

Moreover, Tsering Wangchuk encourages his 2 children to go to school, patiently persuades other families to send their children to study at school and spends his own money to help them. With the government's "three guarantees" fund (free food, accommodation and tuition) and under Tsering Wangchuk's effort, local school-age children's enrollment rate has remained at 100% for a long time. He also sponsors a student to attend Qamdo Vocational and Technical School.

Tsering Wangchuk is an experienced forest ranger, too. Almost every day, he rides a motorcycle to his managed forest area for inspection and registration, corrects and deals with phenomena of destroying forest resources in time, to effectively protect forest resources with his own strength.

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