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India becomes the 7th trading partner of Tibet

By Liu Fang, Tenzin Sydron Source:China Tibet News 2019年11月04日 10:24

The import and export trade value of southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region with India totaled 33.5716 million yuan RMB from January to September. The export trade value reached 4.7074 million yuan RMB, and the import trade value reached 28.8642 million yuan RMB. The trade deficit stood at 24.1568 million yuan RMB.

According to a spokesman of Lhasa Custom Office, the main trade mode of Tibet with India is barter trade between border inhabitants. In the first nine months of this year, the total value of barter trade reached 32.4251 million yuan RMB, that of general trade amounted to 935,600 yuan RMB, and that of other trades totaled 210,800 yuan RMB. The main import and export products are daily necessities, camera equipment, cotton, clothing and others.

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