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Gyirong port: Jan-Sep trade value reached 2.77 bln

By Liu Fang, Zhu Shan Source:China Tibet News 2019年10月30日 17:14

Data from the customs office of Lhasa, capital of southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, showed that the total value of trade at the border port of Gyirong from January to September reached 2.77 billion yuan RMB, realizinga year-on-year increase of 22.21%. The import and export value amounted to 32 million yuan RMB and 2.74 billion yuan RMB respectively, up 24.1% and 23.2% from a year ago. The trade surplus stood at 2.71 billion yuan RMB.

The implement of tax and fee reductions further cut the customs clearance costs. Over the past nine months, foreign trade enterprises enjoyed a total of 820,500 yuan RMB in the reduction of customs clearance costs through the Gyirong port.

According to a spokesman for the Gyirong Customs, they actively organized several discussions with foreign trade enterprises and strengthened reform-related training.

In order to enhance the trade facilitation, Gyirong port has promoted the implementation of measures and improved the port’s business environment. Currently, the application of "single-window system" has reached 100%. "Self-declaration, self-pay", a new mode to pay taxes, accounts for 96.3%. The e-payment for taxes makes up 99.4%. The percentage of import-goods deceleration ahead of time has reached 85%. The clearance time of imported and exported goods has been greatly shortened. The efficiency of clearance at the port is also enhanced.

The Gyirong Customs has actively publicized Nepal's quarantine access policies for agricultural products since the Gyirong port being recognized as the one for import of herbal medicines. In August of this year, the deceleration of herbal medicines from Nepal was accepted at the Gyirong port for the first time. Up to now, Gyirong customs has imported two batches of herbal medicines weighing 20 tons with a total value of 182,500 yuan RMB, which further enriched the varieties of imported goods. 

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