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Gyixong Community: Developing collective economy to increase income

By Liu Fang, Zhu Nan Source:China Tibet News 2019年10月29日 09:39

Gyixong Community is located on the south bank of Yarlung Zangbo River, 2 km to the east of Gonggar County, Shannan City, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region. There are 5 groups including 1,299 people from 391 households under the jurisdiction of the community, which has gotten rid of poverty in 2018.


Photo shows a corner of Gyixong Community.

"Relying on the Party's good policies, community collective economy brings the greatest benefits and changes people's lives. Before, People in the community used to find work at far places to support family; now, they can get suitable jobs nearby with considerable economic income after establishing community collective economy," says Tsering, Party branch secretary of Gyixong Community.


Photo shows Tsering, Party branch secretary of Gyixong Community, introducing comparison between Tibet's old and new days to residents.

"Local Party branch gives full play to the role of Party members to help masses get rich," he says, "The community's existing collective economy includes sand quarry, brick factory, commercial mixing plant, house rents, etc. In 2018, the community collective has realized an economic income of 3.8 million yuan RMB, with a per capita disposable income of 14,600 yuan RMB."


Photo shows the new house of villager Migmar.

Migmar is in a poor family, whose house is in disrepair for a long time and can't be lived in. Party members in the community take turns to help him build a new house.

"I didn't like to work before, and had no ambition. I learned Party's policies benefiting people, Mandarin, Tibetan and mathematics in the community's classroom (like night school) after Party members' guide and encouragement. Now I am able to earn money by working; the Party branch also helps me build a new house." Migmar says.

Tashi Badro, a member of village task force, introduces that the community has invested 8.56 million yuan RMB, including 4.28 million yuan RMB from collective economy and 4.28 million yuan RMB from local Party members, to establish Gyixong Community commercial concrete mixing factory (Gyixong Town Concrete Co., Ltd.) in 2017. By the end of 2018, local collective economic income has reached 3.8 million yuan RMB; 246 people have found jobs, including 30 stable employees as well as 4 registered poor people. This year, villagers received a dividend of 1.64 million yuan RMB, among which more than 50,000 yuan RMB dividends are for poor households.

As a foregoer leading villagers to get rich, Palbar Tsering is also in charge of Gyixong Town Landscape Concrete Co., Ltd. With great efforts, the company has developed rapidly. Since 2012, the company has distributed an average income of 920,000 yuan RMB to the community neighborhood committee every year, and has driven more than 100 people to find jobs. He has successively set up a construction team, a brick factory, a transportation team, etc., providing jobs to farmers and herdsmen. At present, the number of employed people has reached 180, achieving both social and economic benefits.

Palbar Tsering has been actively involved in helping others. Since starting his own business, he has provided 600,000 yuan RMB to build houses for poor people and families in need. [Tseten Dorje, Liu Jinpeng, Xu Yang, Duan Min]

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