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Gerze's greenhouse helps people increase income

By Liu Fang, Zhu Nan Source:China Tibet News 2019年08月20日 09:53

To meet the quality requirements of urban consumer groups, and make advanced agricultural technologies more quickly, better popularized and applied among poor people, in recent years, Gerze County of Ngari Prefecture, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region has actively promoted greenhouse planting technology, vigorously developed greenhouse projects, and promoted green agriculture and animal husbandry, which have effectively driven farmers and herdsmen to increase income and become rich.

Gerze County has invested 4 million yuan RMB in the greenhouse construction project, built 4 greenhouses covering a total area of 2385 ㎡, with 120 meter long outdoor drainage pipe and 100 meter long outdoor electrical pipe, and purchased 8 sets of solar courtyard lamps and 4 sets of coilers. Since its completion in November last year, the project has been put under the operation and management of Rimar Village's cooperative in May this year, according to the poverty alleviation industry project requirements.

At present, the project has had contact with 305 people from 75 registered poor households of Rimar Village, and helped 4 poor people find jobs. The project benefit connection scheme has been improved; an effective connection between industrial projects and registered poor people has been formed. 50% of the project income is used as dividend for the registered poor people, 10% to the cooperative's later operation and management, 30% to the cooperative's working capital; 10% to return the county's industrial development funds.

"Working in the greenhouse, I get a monthly salary of 3,000 yuan RMB and dividends, and also learn planting skills, which are great good things!" Tashi Dawa, a villager in Rimar, said excitedly.

Next, Rimar Village will vigorously implement the management mode of "poverty alleviation company + cooperative + enterprise + poor household", strive to increase the number of working posts to 8, and increase poor people's participation, so as to enable poor people to learn skills and get rid of poverty in an all-round way.

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