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Xigaze: efficient and high-quality service attracts good projects

By Liu Fang, Hu Wen Source:China Tibet News 2019年08月19日 17:17

Xigaze City of Southwest China's Tibet Autonomous has actively utilized its advantages in resources and location, simplified the approval process, and coordinated the implementation of projects. From this year, Xigaze has set off investment and development upsurge, and created a good environment with efficient and high-quality services. Up to June, 69 investment projects has begun to build projects including 40 continuation projects and 29 new projects, and1.71 billion yuan RMB fund has been in place.

The investment promotion system has been constantly improved. Basing on resource advantages, characteristic industries and the layout of “seven industries", Xigaze City explores potential project information from relevant business departments, districts and counties. In addition, a group of projects enters a new pattern in line with local resources to promote economic development, which is with strong operability, good market prospects, high industrial relevance, powerful driving force, and obvious main business characteristics.   

The city has increased the interpretation and promotion of preferential policies, too. It continues to improve the preferential policies for attracting investment in the field of highlighting the preferential policies, incentivize enterprises to develop, and carries out financial support policies to attract more investors.

The ability of the investment team has been constantly improving. The city sets up a special class to promote investment, strengthen the macro guidance and overall planning of the city's investment promotion work, as well as establishs a smooth mechanism for investment attraction, project feasibility study, introduction, tracking, landing, and policy enjoyment.

In continuously optimizing tracking and coordinating services, Xigaze City has improved the working mechanism of “one project, one leader, one special class“, and fully implemented “full-time agency and special-class service” mechanism to improve enterprises' service level. Meanwhile, the city actively helps enterprises to solve the difficulties encountered in landing, starting up, and producing, so that good projects can be introduced and rooted.

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