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Nyingchi's economic & social development over past 60 years

By Liu Fang, Zhu Shan Source:China Tibet News 2019年07月31日 16:37

Over the past 60 years, Nyingchi City of southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region has made great progress in economic and social development. From 1986 to 2018, its GDP has increased from 66 million yuan RMB to 15 billion yuan RMB. The per capita GDP has grown from 521 yuan RMB to 65,054 yuan RMB. The government revenue has risen from 35.41 million yuan RMB to 1.38 billion yuan RMB. The per capita disposable income of rural residents has increased from 425 yuan RMB to 14,820 yuan RMB, which is 203 yuan RMB higher than the national average income. The economic indicators are kept within an appropriate range.

Over the past 60 years, Nyingchi has continued to improve the infrastructure. Lhasa-Nyingchi high-grade highway, Yunnan-Tibet new pass and airport expressway have been open to traffic. The main construction work of Nyingchi section on Lhasa-Nyingchi Railway has been completed. Nyingchi has had 3,786 km of roads in rural areas by the end of 2018, realizing an increase of 249.08 km compared to that in the 12th Five-Year Plan. 

A total of 23,467 people from 6,786 impoverished households in 487 poverty-stricken villages have been lifted out of poverty in Nyingchi since the launch of poverty alleviation project. The poverty rate has dropped from 16.42 % to 0.33 %. All 7 counties of Nyingchi City have been removed from the poverty list. In 2018, 27,900 people from Nyingchi agricultural and pastoral areas found jobs through transfer employment. 4,350 new urban jobs have been further created, and the surveyed unemployment rate has been kept within 2.2 %. The employment rate of fresh graduates or postgraduates has stood at 93.67 %. 

Now, there are 210 schools in Nyingchi, with a total of 3,906 faculty members and 42,000 students. The kindergarten enrollment rate is 85.26 %. The net enrollment rate of primary schools and the gross enrollment rate of junior high schools are 99.96 % and 106.08 %. 

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