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Gyangze County develops sea-buckthorn industry to promote poverty alleviation

By Liu Fang, Zhu Nan Source:China Tibet News 2019年04月15日 10:16

Sea-buckthorn, with the feature of cold and drought resistance, wind-proof and sand-fixing, is a good tree species for afforestation and ecological improvement on the plateau. In recent years, Gyangze County of Xigaze City has made great efforts to develop sea-buckthorn industry, so as to create the brand of "Gyangze Sea-buckthorn" and promote poverty alleviation.

Gyangze County has been expanding sea-buckthorn planting scale, and regarding sea-buckthorn seedling cultivating base as its pillar industry of poverty alleviation. In the past two years, it has invested 83.3 million yuan RMB in the construction and management of the cultivating base, and built 162 sea-buckthorn cultivating greenhouses.

Gyangze County has dispatched special personnel to study nursery cultivating and planting technology in the Academy of Forestry of Tibet Autonomous Region for many times, and trained 5 full-time professional technical backbones and 13 part-time technical personnel, which have improved the cultivating and planting technology of sea-buckthorn. Through model of "base + Party branch + peasant household", the village has encouraged poor households to cultivate sea-buckthorn seedlings; technical personnel of these bases have regularly carried out free training for them. Annual average income of 260 registered poor households has realized an increase of more than 4,000 yuan RMB. In addition, 350 poor households with no labor force have gotten an annual dividend of 1,500 yuan RMB per person in 2018.

To promote professionalization and marketization of the sea-buckthorn industry, Gyangze County has established Chulung Ecological Greening Management Co., Ltd. in 2018, which effectively improved the management level and the work efficiency, further expanded the sales channel of sea-buckthorn and raised its market share. So far, sea-buckthorn has been sold to Lhasa City, Shannan City, Ngari Prefecture and other 18 counties of Xigaze City. In 2018, the sales volume of sea-buckthorn seedlings has reached 1.159 million, amounting to 6.4 million yuan RMB. In 2019, a total of 64 million yuan RMB has been planned to be invested in bases, and 9 million seedlings to be cultivated, which is expected to increase at least 938 poor people's income.

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