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Establishing agricultural machinery cooperative to increase income

By Liu Fang, Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2019年04月09日 16:36

Lhapa, who is in charge of the agricultural machinery cooperative of Kamba Village at Lhunzhub County's Sumpang Town, Lhasa City of southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, shoulders the responsibility of a communist party member with practical action.

Lhapa has been a tailor, vegetable saler, and contractor. Until 2011, with the help of the party and the government, he has established the agricultural machinery cooperative, which has not only solved the employment problem of more than 20 poor people, but also increased their economic income.

"As the youngest of five children in my family, my father died shortly after I was born and we were raised by a single mother. At that time, our family was particularly difficult, so the village apportioned my two sisters as full labors to give us more workpoints. At the most difficult time of our family, the party and the government helped us to tide over difficulties. Now thanks to the party and the government, a cooperative has been set up in the village, and our life has been getting better and better. I will never forget all the kindness the party and the government have shown to our family and do my best to bring more poor people getting rid of poverty," said Lhapa.

At the beginning of the cooperative's establishment, its modest economic benefits could only maintain basic expenses and expenditures. While in recent years, with the gradual implementation of national good policies and support from local cadres, the cooperative has changed its previous business ideas and started to expand its market and solicit business across regions. Village collective economy has developed rapidly. The economic benefit has increased from 20,000 yuan RMB in 2015 to 360,000 yuan in 2016. In 2018, the number of agricultural machinery and equipment in this cooperative has reached over 80, and the collective economic income of our village has exceeded 500,000 yuan RMB.

"Lhapa not only leads the villagers to become rich together, but also is an excellent director of the village committee," said Jigme Dorje, secretary of the party committee of Sumpang Town.

Apart from dealing with business of the agricultural machinery cooperative, Lhapa also helps villagers on daily troubles. When there is a quarrel between neighbors, he goes to coordinate and deal with things fairly. He often consoles the elderly in the village, and give them care and help. In addition, he actively studies the party constitution and policies, and participates in related propaganda activities, letting more people cherish their good lives.

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