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Sangye Drolma: getting out of poverty by operating family hotels

By Liu Fang, Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2019年04月03日 10:23

Sangye Drolma, a villager of Zhamog Village of Bome County, was one of the few poor families in the village and had nothing expensive in her house a few years ago. But now, great changes have taken place, she lives in a two-story house that is equipped with all kinds of electrical appliances, and has a car and a truck.

Facing the situation of limited land and scarce natural resources, the party committee and government of Bome County as well as Zhamog Village committee have realized that developing industry is the best way to drive people out of poverty and get rich. Through seeing the economic benefits brought by the tourism boom along the 318 national highway, Zhamog Village has decided to lead the villagers to operate family hotels. After serious consideration, Sangye Drolma and her family have pooled their money to build their house into a family hotel. Though small in scale, the facilities have been completed.

"None of my family had any business knowledge or experience, and in the first year, almost no tourists came to our village," Sangye Drolma said. Most of the villagers who run family hotels have faced the same dilemma. The village has decided to hire professional management personnel to train the villagers.

After training, Sangye Drolma and other villagers have mastered the management skills, and gradually found out experience suitable for the local family hotel management. Tourists have begun to increase, and the villagers' income has also begun to increase.

Now, the annual net income of Sangye Drolma's family hotel can reach more than 200,000 yuan RMB in a year. "Thanks to the good policies of the party and the government, we have lived a good life," Sangye Drolma says gladly and confidently.

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