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Innovation and entrepreneurship promote rural revitalization

By Zhu Nan Source:China Tibet News 2018年12月21日 10:52

On November 15, the National Entrepreneurship and Innovation Expo for New Farmers and New Technology was held in Nanjing. It's pointed out that, at present, there are 7.4 million people who have returned to the countryside for innovation and entrepreneurship, and they have become the main force leading farmers to become rich and promoting rural revitalization. A large number of social capital, technology and talents are important for developing agriculture and promoting rural revitalization.

Innovation and entrepreneurship are important ways to promote social progress as well as economic and social development, and improve people's livelihood. In recent years, with the great attention of Party Committee and Government of Tibet Autonomous Region, a series of policies and programs promoting innovation and entrepreneurship have been formulated. 

To realize the strategy of rural rejuvenation, Tibet has provided the entrepreneurship platforms, strengthened services for entrepreneurship and innovation, solved the problem of employment for farmers, and promoted the stable development of industries. With the development of industries, the appeal of rural areas has been enhanced, and various factors of production have been gathered in rural areas.

In recent years, combined with national policies, Tibet has introduced a series of special preferential policies to encourage farmers to start up business and innovate, improve the business environment and provide financial support, and a number of powerful enterprises have emerged. With the implementation of the strategy of "Internet +", the development mode of "Internet + agriculture" has promoted the rural economic development. Depending on the resources superiority, farmers have produced high-quality and characteristic agricultural products, and expanded the sales areas of agricultural products with the help of e-commerce platforms.

At present, although achievements have been made in innovation and entrepreneurship in Tibet, talent resources and market players are still mainly distributed in prefecture-level cities. It is difficult to carry out entrepreneurship and innovation work in agricultural and pastoral areas with poor natural conditions. Tibet will continue to actively cultivate and introduce leading agriculture and animal husbandry enterprises, establish diversified financing mechanisms, and train talent team for innovation and entrepreneurship. In addition, Tibet will also improve government service capacity and build a public service platform, so as to further promote the rural revitalization.

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