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E-commerce expands market of featured products in Ngari, Tibet

By Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2018-03-21


Tenzin, an e-commerce practitioner, is showing featured product in the offline experience hall of Coqen County. [Photo/Xinhua/Liu Dongjun]

With an average elevation of 4700 meters, Coqen County of Ngari Prefecture, Tibet Autonomous Region is a complete animal husbandry county. Since 2014, Coqen County has begun to comprehensively promote e-commerce. Under the service of the Tibet Ayun E-commerce Co., Ltd., 20 sessions of relevant training have been held with 2500 people taking part in. At present, taking advantage of domestic mature e-commerce platforms, trained personnel have set up 33 online shops. Through 12 village-level e-commerce service stations, 106 pieces of local characteristic agricultural and animal husbandry products have been collected and uploaded. From 2016 to 2017, through the e-commerce platforms, the sales value of local agricultural and animal husbandry products is more than 21 million yuan. Besides, the traceability system of online products is constructed, effectively opening up the market for featured goods.


In the offline experience hall of Coqen County, a worker is scanning the anti-counterfeit tracing code, through which all information about the product is available. [Photo/Xinhua/Liu Dongjun]

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