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Lhasa:women weaving cooperative leads local people to increase incomes

By Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2017-10-20

In 2015, Kelsang Yangkyi, villager of Zhaxigang Village, Zhaxigang Town, Maizhokunggar County, Lhasa City, established the women weaving cooperative with 7 local women. Under the support of the Women's Federation of Lhasa City and Maizhokunggar County, the plant of the cooperative was built with a loan of 20000 yuan. This cooperative mainly produces blanket, bag, cushion, belt and so on. All the products will be sold to Lhasa City and surrounding agricultural and pastoral areas, leading 3 poor households to get rid of poverty. Now there are 11 workers in the cooperative and each person can increase an income of 1500 yuan per month.


Kelsang Yangkyi who is in incharge of the women weaving cooperative of Zhaxigang Village is showing products. [Photo/China Tibet News]

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