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Central SOEs promote Tibet’s development

By Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2017-06-19

With the smoothly implementation of a large batch of key construction projects in Tibet, which is supported by the central government, the snow-covered plateau embraces a new stage of development. So far, 16 central state-owned enterprises (SOEs) have accumulatively helped carry out more than 1500 projects in Tibet with an investment of over 100 billion yuan. Central state-owned enterprises have become the new engine to lead Tibetans to get rich.

Central state-owned enterprises are indispensable important power to promote Tibet's social and economic development and to improve Tibet's public service level. At present, the electricity, oil, gas, and communication in Tibet are basically provided by central state-owned enterprises. Some central state-owned enterprises continuously increase fund and technology support and complete a batch of major infrastructure projects such as Lhasa-Shigatse Railway, Zhangmu Hydropower Project, Sichuan-Tibet power interconnection engineering, and Qinghai-Tibet power interconnection engineering, which greatly improves local living conditions. In addition, 15 central state-owned enterprises give assistance to oriented counties in Tibet. Since the 12th Five-Year Plan, an aid-Tibet fund of 2.6 billion yuan has been invested, vigorously promoting the improvement of infrastructure and people's livelihood in remote areas.

Central state-owned enterprises are deeply involved in the development of Tibet, which effectively drives the local economic development and expands employment. Since the 12th Five-Year Plan, central state-owned enterprises have signed a series of strategic and project cooperation agreements with Tibet, and invested 82.1 billion yuan in various fields in Tibet. By the end of last year, minority staff accounts for 25% of all work force in central state-owned enterprises in Tibet, which effectively boosts the employment of graduates and the masses.

In the future, central state-owned enterprises will continue to increase investment in Tibet, deepen cooperation with various enterprises in Tibet, and lead Tibet's enterprises, products and brands to go outside. At the same time, central state-owned enterprises will also strengthen industrial support efforts in poverty-stricken area so as to enhance the local self-reliance ability, and help local people to solve drinking, housing and medical treatment problems.

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