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Luola: getting rich through cordyceps sinensis business

By Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2017-06-14


In Shanghai University of Engineering Science, Luola is identify the quality of cordyceps sinensis. [Photo/Xinhua]


Luola is having class in Shanghai University of Engineering Science. [Photo/Xinhua]

As a post-80s college student, Luola is born in a ordinary faminly in Datang Town,  Biru County, Nagqu Prefecture, Tibet Autonomous Region. At present, he studies in the Shanghai University of Engineering Science. Besides learning, he will take a walk on bustling Shanghai streets with his classmates. One day, when he dropped by a store which sells cordyceps sinensis of Nagqu Prefecture, he found that the quality of this store's cordyceps sinensis is not higher than his hometown, while the price is higher than his hometown. Then he got the idea of starting a business.

Luola decides to bring high-quality cordyceps sinensis from his hometown to Shanghai and wants to create an exclusive brand. "In the beginning, I do not have good person arteries and veins, so it is difficult to promote and sell my products. Apart from writing promotion articles, I also need to discuss cooperation with merchants," says Luola. Only in one year, he almost have visited all cordyceps sinensis stores in Shanghai. Everything comes to him who waits. "Three years have passed and the business is getting on track gradually. In 2016, I sold cordyceps sinensis with a value of over 500000 yuan, " says Luola, who is proud of his business, "in fact, my purpose of running the business is very simple. I hope to bring original eco-green products of Tibetan areas to the outside world through may own efforts."

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