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Tibet to invest 30 bln yuan in people's livelihood in 2017

By Megan Source:China Tibet News 2017-03-15

There is no end to improving people's livelihood. In recent years, Tibet has been continously increasing financial support in people's livelihood. In 2017, Tibet plans to invest RMB 30 billion yuan in 33 policies related to people's livelihood, aiming at making up short slabs of the basic level as well as guaranteeing and improving people's livelihood.

According to Tibet Autonomous Region's Finance Department, a total of almost RMB 15 billion yuan will be arranged to overcome poverty and develop the border regions. Among these, a total of RMB 8.826 billion yuan shall be used in targeted poverty alleviation and targeted poverty removal.

As the only provincial level concentrated poverty-stricken area throughout the whole country, Tibet will not only start the tough fight of overcoming poverty, but also further perfect the government's catch-all policy. From this year on, the standards of subsistence allowances of urban residents and rural residents have increased from RMB 640 yuan per person per month and RMB 2,550 yuan per person per month to RMB 700 yuan per person per month and RMB 3,311 yuan per person per month respectively, said Jiang Guojie, deputy director general of Tibet Autonomous Region's Finance Department.

In the past four years, Tibet invests over 70 percent of the total financial resources in people's livelihood each year, realizing fifteen-year free compulsory education, concentrated establishments for the old with five gurantees, concentrated adorption for orphans as well as equalization of urban residents' basic endowment insurance.

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