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Construction speed and quality of Tibet traffic being improved

By Megan Source:China Tibet News 2017-02-17

According to the data from the Tibet Autonomous Region's Development and Reform Commission, the construction speed and quality of Tibet traffic is being improved.

In recent years, Tibet has been sparing no efforts to solve the bottleneck of transport infrastructure which restricts the development of the region. Data show that in 2016, Tibet's total highway mileage reached 82,500 km. Sichuan Tibet Railway, Yuan Tibet Railway as well as port railways are takn into the national "13th Five-Year Plan" and long-term railway network planning. The civil aviation have opened 71 domestic and international routes, making the navigable cities up to 41, and the comprehensive transportation capacity has been significantly improved.

It is reported that in 2016, Tibet transportation investment in fixed assets totaled RMB 40.21 billion yuan, and the number of key highway projects that started construction were 44. Accessible rate of villages and towns as well as temples reached more than 98%.

In 2016, the Tibet railway construction project investment was about RMB 8.5 billion yuan. The preparatory work of the Sichuan Tibet Railway from Linzhi to Kangding, Lhasa to Mozhugongka Railway, Shigatse to Gyirong Railway, Yunnan Tibet Railway from Bangda to Shangri-La as well as Shigatse to Ya Dong Railway has been carried forward in an orderly way.

In respect of civil aviation, there are five airports in Tibet Autonomous Region and nine airlines companies. Last year, a total of 39,000 aircrafts landed or took off from Tibet, the annual passenger throughput reached RMB 4.05 million, and the total cargo throughput was 30 thousand tons.

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