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New Year market of Barkhor Shopping Mall

By Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2017-02-04

During the Spring Festival period, the Barkhor Shopping Mall is bustling. Red lanterns, Chinese and Tibetan Spring Festival couplets, Tibetan costumes, candies and many other goods are available in the market, attracting a lot of people to purchase. As Tibetan New Year is approaching, the New Year market of Barkhor Shopping Mall also enters  another peak season.

A vendor of a artware store is busying greeting customers. The sheep-head ornaments in his store attract a lot of people. He says, "to celebrate the Tibetan New Year, Tibetans have the custom to enshrine and worship sheep head, which is a symbol of the harvest. Recently, more and more people are coming to buy sheep-head ornaments. "

Droma, an owner of a dried fruit store, says that the business is good in recent days. As Tibetan New Year is coming, a lot of people are coming to buy dried fruits.

To prohibit fake merchandise,expired food and bad food, all the goods selling at the New Year Market of Barkhor Shopping Mall must comply with the provisions of industrial and commercial administrative department.

To ensure the safety of the New Year market, some measures are taken by the Management Office of Barkhor Shopping Mall. Sub-district offices, police stations, and relevant departments nearby are organized. Emergency preparedness on fire fighting, anti-explosion, elevator, and dispute are made.

Security personnel all have safety knowledge training and fire drill. Reserve zones are preserved in case of peak shopping moment. At the same time, guide signs are set up and security personnel are arranged to evacuate people flow.

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