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Tibet’s 1st cloud desktop system put into operation

By Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2016-12-09

Through 8 years hard work, Tibet's 1st cloud desktop system, which was launched by the Tibet company of China Telecom, was put into operation on Nov. 30.

To meet the need of cloud office informatization, the cloud desktop project was officially launched in April this year. Through many iterative rounds of development and application, the "u Smart View" scheme was finally launched.

In practical application, desktop management mode is integrated with the existing management technology and terminal. It not only provides services including cloud desktop, cloud terminal and cloud storage, but also combines internal and external services. The effective application of this mode is expected to save more than half of the terminal input cost for business customers.

At present, the Tibet company of China Telecom provides customized desktop cloud services for governments, schools and all kinds of enterprises and institutions. In terms of institutions with large scale  and concentrated customers, bare fiber direct cloud computer room is provided to ensure the internet quality and user experience. In terms of institutions with small scale and scattered customers, internet access pattern is provided to ensure the flexibility of cloud service.

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