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2nd Livestock Products Fair held in Ngari

By Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2016-12-06


People of Sengye Tsangpo Town are choosing mutton at the Livestock Products Fair. [China Tibet News/Wen Kai]

On Dec. 1, the 2nd Livestock Products Fair kicked off in Sengye Tsangpo Town, Ngari Prefecture.

In recent years, by vigorously expanding sales channels, promoting market communication, developing characteristic agriculture, and leading the local people to get rich, Ngari Prefecture aims to build a key livestock products base with plateau characteristics.

First held in 2015, meat, dairy products, cross border goods, daily necessities and other commodities are displayed and sold on the fair.This year, there will be 1029 heads of cattle, 8109 heads of sheep, 4886 jin, a unit of weight (= 1/2 kilogram) butter, 9132jin milk residue, 12510 jin zanba, (roasted highland barley flour), as well as Tibetan chicken, Tibetan pigs, Zanda apples and so on. The total transaction volume is expected to reach 20 million yuan, double than last year.

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