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Reba dance in Sog County, Tibet

By Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2017-02-09


Children are taking group photos after the rehearsal of Reba dance. [Photo/China Tibet News]

Tibet covers a vast geographic area and it has a long history of song and dance, which are important part of traditional Tibetan culture. In history, sacrifice is once the most important ceremony of Bonism, a Tibetan original religion. While song and dance are the main manifestation forms of sacrifice activity. Therefore, Bonism absorbs a lot of  primitive dance and totem dance, which form the early witch dance.

The Reba dance of Sog County, Tibet Autonomous Region originates from the witch dance or totem dance of Bonism. Different from Reba dance in other areas, Sog County's Reba dancers are only men and this custom has been maintained up to now.

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