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Cultural consumption becomes new economic growth point in Xigaze City

By Source:China Tibet News 2018年12月10日 16:58

In recent years, with the economic and social development and the improvement of residents' income level, cultural consumption in Xigaze City has become diversified, and the proportion of cultural consumption in the regional Gross Domestic Product (GDP) has also increased year by year. Consumption growth has also boosted the economic growth. According to statistics, from 2017 to 2018, the per capita cultural consumption of residents in Xigaze City reached 376.7 yuan, with an annual growth rate of more than 11%.

Cultural products or services becoming more perfect

With the economic and social development, cultural products are becoming more and more abundant, and cultural services are becoming more perfect. At present, there are more than 200 cultural products production companies in the city. A series of cultural products, such as Thangka, Tibetan incense and Tibetan knife, have entered the market and become consumer goods of the masses, providing residents and tourists with distinctive cultural products, and greatly stimulating cultural consumption.

Cultural market booming day by day

According to the diversified cultural needs of the people, there are more and more places for cultural consumption in Xigaze City. At present, there are two cinemas (18 counties and districts with digital cinemas) in the city, which enriches the content of cultural consumption of residents. Now the common competition and development situation between the traditional mainstream culture industry and the new cultural industry, such as digital TV, digital movies, online games and so on, is gradually formed.

Tourism consumption supports cultural consumption

With the increase of residents' income and the improvement of transportation conditions such as railway, aviation, and highways, the number of tourists traveling to Xigaze City has increased. In 2018, the city explores and tries commercial performances in combination with the popular tourist consumption, which provides a cultural feast for tourists, and achieves initial success.

Next, the cultural departments of Xigaze City will continue to improve the conditions of cultural consumption, guide the masses to form healthy and positive cultural consumption habits, and build a cultural city. [Zhi Xinghua, Zhu Nan]

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