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Tibet’s 5 local characteristic resources projects passed state acceptance

By Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2018-12-07

Recently, 5 local characteristic resources projects of the Tibet sub-center of the national cultural information resources sharing projects have passed the state acceptance and inspection. Up to now, all the projects declared by the Tibet sub-center before 2015 have been completed on time and passed the state acceptance.

The 5 local characteristic resources projects are namely, "Tibetan Medicine Culture multimedia resource bank", "casting multimedia resource bank of Tibetan Handicraft Skills Encyclopedia", "lecture series on declarative science of Tibetan Ten Ming Special Lecture Resource Bank", "Tibetan paper, Tibetan ink and plate carving culture feature films of Tibetan Handicraft Skills Encyclopedia", and "Tibet national-level intangible cultural inheritors feature films". Through videos, pictures and texts, the unique ethnic culture of Tibet is presented, and the endangered traditional ethnic culture is recorded in detail, aiming at inheriting the excellent ethnic culture through digital resource protection.

The evaluation experts gave a high evaluation on the five local characteristic resources projects, and pointed out that the construction of the resources banks was guided correctly, the connotation and characteristics of the projects were deeply excavated, the cultural inheritance and communication were gave consideration to, and the unity of ideology, knowledge and art was achieved.

The Tibet sub-center of the national cultural information resources sharing projects will further strengthen the organization, leadership, project management, supervision and inspection of local resources construction projects, accelerate the progress of project construction, and constantly improve the level of project planning, application and construction in the light of the inspection and acceptance work. According to the feedback of evaluation experts, related projects will be further improved. Next, Tibet will further increase publicity and promotion efforts, make full use of the achievements of project construction, enrich service contents, innovate service modes, and provide high-quality digital cultural resources, so as to effectively meet the spiritual and cultural needs of readers and grass-roots cadres in the new era.

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