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Baxoi County promotes public cultural services

By He Huizhong Source:China Tibet News 2018-11-27

In recent years, Baxoi County of Chamdo City, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, arranged a series of cultural activities such as artistic performances, watching movies and reading books to improve the capacity of public cultural services and promote the development of grass-roots public culture in agricultural and pastoral areas.

During some important festivals such as Spring Festival, Tibetan New Year and the National Day, local art troupes and teams from the county have carried out colorful cultural activities to publicize the preferential policies among the cadres and villagers, which achieved positive results.

In order to meet cultural needs of farmers and herdsmen, the county has expanded the socialist core values through showing films and documentaries in villages, temples and schools, etc. At present, more than 600 films and documentaries have been shown in the county, which has enriched local villagers’cultural life.

The county has vigorously implemented rural library projects to solve difficulties of reading and borrowing books, too. More than 110 rural libraries have been built.

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