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China Tibetan Opera Museum to be completed next year

By Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2018-09-17

Recently, the project of China Tibetan Opera Museum has started construction on the basis of the original Tibetan opera art exhibition hall of Tibetan Opera Troupe in Tibet.

The project, with an initial investment of 5 million yuan by Tibet Autonomous Region, covers an area of 1,080 square meters and is designed with six exhibition areas, which are expected to be completed in March next year. When completed, it will fill the blank of Tibetan opera museum in China.

The museum will intensively display costumes, masks, audios, videos, graphics, props and so on of the eight traditional Tibetan operas, and comprehensively improve the publicity and promotion level of Tibetan opera art. At the same time, it will also serve as an education and display window, providing a good platform for strengthening the contact and exchange of Tibetan opera culture.

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