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Upgrading of public digital cultural service in Tibet

By Zhu Shan Source:China Tibet News 2018-05-24

China's Tibet has accelerated the pace of construction of public digital cultural platform and the extension of its service in recent years, promoting the building of Tibet's pubic digital culture.

The regional cultural department has pushed forward with the upgrading of public digital cultural service, the construction of a cloud platform for public culture and a promotion platform for digital library. The paid-in subsidies has been 59.93 million yuan since 2014, which was used for the upgrading project for public digital cultural service covering 342 towns and 1,713 administrative villages. 

The cloud platform of public culture service has been one of the fourth batch of the building of digital supporting platform since 2015. The construction of Tibet digital cultural network, a cloud management for national public digital supporting platform, resource sharing system, distribution network of national public digital supporting platform and evaluation management system is expected to be put into operation in 2018.

Hardware for facilities in five public libraries including regional library, Shannan library, Nyingchi library, Chamdo library and Ngari library have been put into use.

In recent years, the regional cultural department has sped up the improvement of cultural resources. In "Heroic Epic of Gesar" , "Tibetan Medicine Culture"  and more, China's Tibet has seen a stream of cultural projects with local characteristics, with volumes reaching 9.03TB.

Three excellent digital cultural resources concerning red culture have been completed. Besides, the Tibetan language resource center of the national cultural information resources sharing project has been set up in Tibet library, intensifying the efforts to carry out the translation from excellent Chinese works to Tibetan.

In order to expand digital cultural services, the region sets up pilots of community-level public digital cultural services. Shannan has been listed on the pilot units of community-level public digital cultural services. With the subsidies of 500,000 from central government and 5.33 million yuan from local government, the construction of digital experience center in Shannan library and digital cultural hall has started since 2016, offering effective ways for the promotion of community-level public digital cultural service across the region.

In addition, libraries at all levels in Tibet take active measures to enforce digital cultural services through the use of digital resources in libraries. 

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