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Tibet makes achievements in intangible cultural heritage protection

By Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2017-04-19

By handling all affairs in accordance with relevant laws, Tibet has made great achievements in intangible cultural heritage protection.

In recent years, by opening columns on newspaper, television, network and other news media, as well as preaching, making panels, and distributing propaganda materials, Tibet strengthens propaganda work on relevant laws and regulations. In order to let more farmers and herdsmen understand, propaganda materials are translated into Tibetan language and 30000 volumes are distributed for free. In addition, the propaganda work is also carried out in 5453 villages in Tibet, realizing the full-coverage of  intangible cultural heritage protection work.

At the same time, training classes are also held to improve people’s law-using ability. More than ten special trainings on laws and regulations are carried out for cadres of cultural departments with the aim of improving their ability to legally protect intangible cultural heritages. In recent years, various intangible cultural heritage protection workers in Tibet have taken over 3000 trainings and 20000 class hours, which effectively improves their law learning and using ability. The legalization level of Tibet’s intangible cultural heritage protection work has stepped into a new phase.

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